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2011 nissan altima review

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Potentially, that totals a substantial horsepower and pound-feet of torque.

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Find Used The Nissan Altima is more refiew a midsize transportation appliance. 2101 a passenger is settled in the Coupe's back seat, the change in exterior dimensions is obvious. The CVT is smooth and I barely notice when the car is shifting gears. There's also a storage bin with a hinged cover at the bottom of the center stack. They're easy to understand and operate.

In trunk room, the Altima Sedan is competitive in its class, with While the base audio system is satisfactory, the nine-speaker Bose upgrade sounds particularly rich.

The chassis feels tight, and there is a minimum of noise and vibration passed on to the occupants. The Hybrid uses a somewhat de-tuned version of the 2. The Altima Coupe 2. Interior Features The Altima Sedan's cabin is roomy and comfortable front and rear.


Cars with a manual transmission have a handbrake next to the shifter, where it belongs. Four Premium packages are offered. LCD insets display trip information, outside temperature, niissan data and personalized settings.

In the grand scheme of things, the changes were modest to be sure, but they were nonetheless changes for the better. There's good balance between the longish hood, greenhouse and short trunk lid, with just the right amount of sheet metal between the cleanly outlined wheel arches.

The Altima Coupe 3. Many owners find these systems convenient, but you can wind up with a dead battery if you inadvertently press the start button two times instead of once to shut down the car. The Hybrid version also gets a rear spoiler and the sedan version adds alloy wheels. The Hybrid features a less powerful version of the four-cylinder horsepower and an electric hybrid drive.

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There are two more upholders in the rear seat. The Coupe is just as roomy up front, but the rear seat is best left to kids or packages.

When pushed, the Coupe's dominant characteristic is nice, safe understeer where the car wants to go straight instead of turningwhich intuitively encourages the driver to ease up on the gas pedal. Reveiw the seats, the dashboard is functional without being boring, and stylish without being frilly. The Altima is a driver's car.

When it comes to ride comfort, the Altima scores very well. We like the layout. The four-cylinder engine is the more prudent choice, given the reality check of today's gas prices.

It is too light and the reivew feel is a little numb. The Altima 2. The fixed pockets in each front door are too small for maps, but they have molds that fit half-liter water bottles.

Nissan altima

The gauges are arranged in a practical shape, with speedometer in the center, tachometer on the left, and fuel gauge and water temperature on the right. In general, the Altimas have a distinct fun-to-drive character.

I have learned to loathe continually variable transmissions CVTs. Finally, the sightlines to the sides and rear are better than average. The shift altina occupies the forward portion of the center console separating the front bucket seats.

There's little or no swaying in switchback turns, so the steering stays true. The hitch is the transmission.

The gas-electric Altima Hybrid Sedan boasts an EPA-rated 35 miles per gallon in the city, extending its range past miles between fill-ups. So, precisely where a conventional internal combustion vehicle is operating at minimal efficiency, the Altima Hybrid isn't using any gasoline at all.

The suspension delivers responsive handling. The Coupe makes a solid, appealing two-door, though a tight back seat makes it best for two people.

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Its front-passenger seatback has a release lever on the inboard side that allows the driver to ease reeview access to the rear seat. The Hybrid uses regenerative braking to recharge its volt nickel-metal hydride battery, turning the electric motor into a generator as the car slows down. The sophisticated electronic system that manages the CVT attempts to keep the engine turning at an optimum speed that balances power output, fuel economy, and emissions.

Im in love! Some will argue it makes for a more a,tima, less cluttered look. Coupe buyers shouldn't expect pure sports car handling, though.

Road test: nissan altima s

It's steady and predictable in extreme handling situations. That access isn't particularly awkward, because the lever folds the seatback and slides the entire front-passenger seat forward in its track.

In this regard, it is one of the better family sedans.