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Balling urban dictionary

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To black ball someone you heat up a tin of black wax shoe polish and poor it on to the male victims testicles.

The painful feeling of all your sperm fighting their way out of your penis, usually occurs when girl stops during sexual intercourse before the man ejaculates 1. The word getting balled is similar to getting owned.

Blue Balling 1. Rtpstrike: Guy, you just got balled!

An Pwner Pwns, a Baller Balls. Black Balling : During David's time at boarding school the prefect would black ball him if he failed to polish all the year fives boys shoes before lunch.

Last night I was in the middle of banging Amy when her uran came in, I was blue balling for an hour after that. Balled has been used a lot of times lately when noobs get pwned.

Have you ever tried to wank off as many times as you could and until it hurts And is sometimes used in the ghetto. Besides irban victim suffering the discomfort of having hot shoe polish poor over his private parts he also has the humiliation of having the polish set hard giving him " black balls ".

A painful sensation felt when a man dictlonary constantly aroused without ejaculating or when ejaculating three or four times over a short period 2. Balled Balled is short for the word ballin. The victim would them have to pick off the hard wax that would of set hard tangled with in his pubic hair.

PwnDaddy Bra, there is two types dictiknary people in this world, those who Ball, or those who get Balled. Ace :Ah, man I lost again.

The word has been used a lot of times but recently it has been given a rebirthsome wonder who started this new definition to the word balled, some say it is chico and joey, other people think they stoled it off from other people but that's just for the jealous guys.